Hi, my name is Juliet...

I am the co-owner and manager of Animal Clipper.

After 12 years of working accounting in the corporate world; I grew my inner strength to follow my true passion of working with pets. During that period of my life; I also bred and groomed my own Imperial Shih Tzu’s. I left the corporate world to dedicate it to my family, and raising ShihTzu's (God had a different plan for me).  

I became very interested in becoming a professional groomer and decided to make it a career. In September of 2001 I pursued my new career, I became part of the Animal Clipper staff.  In 2004, my husband and I bought the very successful pet grooming salon (Animal Clipper) that has been around for over 20 years now.


We are blessed with a wonderful staff,  our very dedicated and passionate groomers include our

Hi, my name is Parris...

I have been working at the Animal Clipper for eight years now. Being the daughter of the owner, I was expected to work from the bottom up. Starting off I cleaned up the daily messes, I then worked my way to being a bather. After mastering the art of bathing I then was promoted to working as a groomer! 

Growing up I have always had pets in my life birds, fish, hamsters, you name it! I loved each and every one of them. As of right now I have two dogs, Deja and Gemma. They are my little pride and joys, needless to say I spoil them rotten! My girls love to go to work with me, they get excited to meet new friends and they also enjoy being pampered.  

I have to say I love my job! Being able to work with animals has always been one of my dreams. I am now currently I’m attending college where I am studying to become a business major. I have hopes that one day I will be able to help expand our family business.




Hi, my name is Carly...

I've been working in the grooming industry for about ten years. I started off working as a bather in a retail shop when I was about seventeen years old, I then moved into a private groom shop as a receptionist and was given an opportunity to an apprenticeship. I trained for over a year learning the different breed styles and realized how much I love working with dogs and expressing my creativity! I can not imagine doing anything else!

I have two dogs of my own, an English Bulldog named Baby and German Shepard, Jaxson that both loved to be groomed. I hope to meet you and your fur baby soon!

Hi, my name is Derrick...

Hello fine people of Arizona, my name is Derrick. I am a full time groomer here at the Animal Clipper.  I've worked here since 2003, learning and perfecting from the back end bathing, to the front end grooming.  Minus a few years alternate endeavor, in which i realized my true passion is animals and my family business.  I myself have two snugly Shihtzu pooches Bun, and Gingy, whom I love to spoil.  I call'em my cuddle bears, or my little ewoks.  As you can imagine with daddy being a master dog barber, they get pampered often with "slick doo's" and the best smelling shampoos, conditioners, and cologne we have!  To top it off they get a cute-sie bow popped on top of their heads.  Yeah I know I take it too far sometimes, but that's what they're for right!?  Hopefully I've peaked your interest enough for a visit, or even a "slick doo" session for your furry one.  Thanks for stopping by and I'm looking forward to meeting you and yours!

Hi, my name is Sam...

I have been working with pets since the age of seventeen accepting my first job as a bather at a local groom shop in California.  Little did I know that I would be hooked! I worked at two other grooming shops before settling here in Arizona in 2005.  I was hired as a bather at the Animal Clipper and Juliet (the owner) saw the great love, tenderness and dedication I had toward pets.  


Juliet saw potential in me and offered me an apprenticeship to learn how to groom.  I accepted the opportunity and have become an awesome groomer.  I have been grooming at the Animal Clipper for five years now and it is the best family oriented grooming salon I have ever worked at. Our customers are outstanding.


5251 E. Brown Road / Suite 101 / Mesa, AZ 85205